Parking fee increases

Monday, 1 July 2019

The following comments should be attributed to City of Greater Geelong Director Planning, Design and Development Gareth Smith:

Why has Council decided to increase parking rates? With the growth of the Geelong CBD, we are experiencing high demand for all-day car parking options.

This is a direct result of the increase in demand far exceeding the available supply. As a result, new car parking options are being offered by commercial providers at a higher daily and monthly rate than the CBD has experienced before.
The City does not want to undercut this increasingly competitive market.
The best way to attract additional commercial car parking providers to Geelong is to ensure the market is fair and reasonable.
We have introduced one price point for all-day capped fees to provide a consistent fee structure for our off-street and on-street parking spaces in the CBD.
Our new fee structure still compares favourably to other providers in Geelong and to similar cities across Australia.

What locations have Council increased parking rates?

Fees have been increased across the on-street and off-street car spaces in central Geelong that are operated by the City.
This include our off-street car parks Busport, Civic Centre, Haymarket, Corio, Wesley and Little Ryrie.


Further comments:

We included an overview of the parking fees in the Budget that affected the sites of highest volume.
In hindsight, all increases for the smaller on-street car parking areas should have been included.
The increase to $13 all-day parking affects a total of 291 on-street spaces across Bellerine Street; Brougham St; Eastern Beach; Western Beach and Ritchie Boulevard.
This is just over six per cent of the 4800 parking bays across the CBD.
The $13 fee now provides consistent prices across the City’s off-street and on-street daily parking services.

Page last updated: Thursday, 4 July 2019