Parking technology

Wednesday, 10 July 2019

The following comments should be attributed to City of Greater Geelong Director Planning, Design and Development Gareth Smith:

Why has Council decided to install this new technology?

The technology will eliminate the need for motorists to display a ticket in their vehicle. There are numerous benefits to customers in providing a registration number, including:
- not having to return to your car to display a ticket or to extend your stay;
- removing incidents where tickets are not displayed correctly;
- the ability to carry out a remote parking transaction by using the app;
- the ability to easily transfer your vehicle to another parking bay within the same zone; and
- reducing the environmental impact caused by paper waste.

How are the number plate details of a car used by City officers?

Authorised compliance officers will be able to link the registration number with the payment technology to determine payment and overstay, rather than walking from car to car to view displayed tickets. The officers are already required to record registrations numbers for any parking infringement.

Will drivers be fined if they put in false number plate details?

The requirement to enter number plate details from 1 July is the start of a community awareness program, leading into the 30-minute free parking trial on 1 December. This extended period allows time for our community to become familiar with the new system.
Monitoring of paid parking will continue to be based on the payment and display of paper tickets until 1 December, when the system becomes paperless. We encourage the community to embrace the service by accurately providing their registration plate details.

People are concerned this is a breach of privacy - what does the City have to say about this?

We will not be collecting any personal information. The only data that motorists are required to enter is their vehicle registration number. The registration number will not be shared with, or accessed by, any other area of council or organisation.
The City already records registration numbers when issuing infringements, which is a normal, legally-approved process. The registration number will in future be used to determine payment and overstay, rather than walking from car to car to observe such transactions.

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