Compactors and cargo bicycle service to tackle laneway bin issues

Wednesday, 14 August 2019

A new 12-month trial of a commercial waste and bin storage program will be on offer to businesses in Central Geelong’s Laneways Precinct.

Council has endorsed the program, which aims to address issues with commercial bins in laneways and congestion from rubbish trucks, as the City continues to create vibrant public spaces in our laneways.

It’s hoped the trial, which will involve two compactors and a cargo bike pick-up service, will start by the end of the year. Businesses bound by Moorabool, Malop, Gheringhap and Ryrie Streets will be able to sign up.

A loading zone at the northern end of Shorts Place will be re-purposed to house two second-hand compactors, which will be accessible to traders by swipe card to deposit waste and recycling.

Some businesses may find it difficult to transport waste and recycling to the compactors and could be eligible to sign up to a transportation service. Local social enterprise Good Cycles will collect their material and transport it by cargo bike to the compactors, as they currently do in Melbourne’s CBD.

Depending on the ongoing demand for the service, this initiative could potentially create employment for two to five young local people by Good Cycles, who are currently at-risk of disengaging from the community.

In conjunction with the program, the City will offer traders waste education. The trial will also allow for council to evaluate whether equipment with greater environmental benefits such as food waste dehydrators, cardboard balers and bottle crushers, are commercially viable.

The City consulted with the community during March this year, finding overall support for a precinct-wide system.

The program will cost $167,100, with the goal to recover at least 60% (estimated to be $114,000) of that figure through customer usage charges and fees. Council has also endorsed further consultation with businesses and if officers find insufficient demand for the service, the expenditure won’t go ahead and a report and recommendation will be provided to council.

Councillor Bruce Harwood - Mayor

This is a fantastic trial initiative for businesses in Central Geelong’s Laneway Precinct, because it conveniently addresses the issues of bin storage and access to our busy laneways.

The program will also be a win for visitors, as they can enjoy all our laneways have to offer in a cleaner and more pleasant environment.

Councillor Peter Murrihy - Brownbill Ward

This innovative program has the opportunity to help clean up our vibrant Central Geelong laneways, while providing social and environmental benefits.

The community has been the driving force behind this program, however council will further consult with eligible businesses to gauge demand.

Page last updated: Wednesday, 14 August 2019