Panel to review major growth strategies

Wednesday, 25 September 2019

Council has requested an independent panel be established to consider submissions relating to two long-term land use strategies.

A total of 102 submissions were received on Amendment C395 - Settlement Strategy and Northern and Western Geelong Growth Areas (NWGGA) Framework Plan, following its exhibition during June and July.

Sixty-one submissions related to the NWGGA Framework Plan, 27 focused on the Settlement Strategy, and 14 addressed both documents.

Key matters raised in relation to the NWGGA Framework Plan were:

  • requested changes to precinct boundaries;
  • timing of delivery in the growth areas;
  • activity centres, road networks and drainage;
  • development levies and shared funding;
    the Clever and Creative Corridor;
  • water management; and
  • cultural heritage.

There were 14 requests for further residential development outside the settlement boundaries, with the land parcels totalling about 1873 hectares.

Other submissions regarding the Settlement Strategy focused on:

  • population growth rates;
  • support for protecting the Bellarine Peninsula; and
  • the relationship of the Strategy to the State Government’s Distinctive Areas and Landscapes program for the Bellarine.

All the submissions will be referred to an independent panel appointed by the Minister for Planning, which is scheduled to conduct a hearing from 11 November 2019.

City responses to each of the 102 submissions will form the basis of the City’s response to the panel.

Council adopted the City of Greater Geelong Settlement Strategy in October 2018, with the NWGGA Framework Plan adopted in March 2019.

Amendment C395 seeks to implement the documents into the Greater Geelong Planning Scheme.

Greater Geelong Mayor Bruce Harwood

The Settlement Strategy and the Northern and Western Geelong Growth Areas Framework Plan provide direction for Geelong’s growth over coming decades. The hearing provides a chance for submitters to present their views on the amendment to an independent panel.
This process is part of the careful planning that goes into creating new neighbourhoods that enjoy the character and lifestyle that Geelong is renowned for.
We want to create vibrant neighbourhoods that place a high value on our environment and heritage, sustainable design, integrated transport and community facilities for all ages.

Cr Jim Mason, Chair, Sustainable Development portfolio

The community has had its say on the amendment relating to the Settlement Strategy and the Northern and Western Growth Areas Framework Plan. City staff have considered all feedback and their responses will now form the basis of the City’s submission to the independent panel.
The strategy and framework plan aim to reduce growth pressure on the Bellarine Peninsula and increase housing diversity in our region.

Page last updated: Wednesday, 25 September 2019