An easier way to park in central Geelong

Wednesday, 6 November 2019

The City is embracing new technologies as we introduce an easier and more efficient car parking system in central Geelong.

The smart parking innovations include pay-by-plate methodology, licence plate recognition, an advanced pay-by-phone application and parking sensors.

The rollout will allow us to effectively introduce a free parking trial in central Geelong from 1 December.

The trial was initiated after a Council resolution in April 2019.

Motorists will be able to access a free 30-minute period in two-hour parking zones on weekdays.

The technology upgrades will also deliver:

  • The creation of a ticketless parking system from 1 December; and
  • Another payment option through the introduction of a new EasyPark application.

The City has engaged Duncan Solutions to deliver both initiatives.

With the removal of display tickets, motorists will need to enter their vehicle licence plate to complete their parking transaction.

Printed receipts will remain available upon request.

The EasyPark app will allow motorists to conduct remote up-to-the-minute transactions, limiting the paid period to the duration of their stay.

Motorists will also be able to transfer parking fee credit to another parking bay within the same central Geelong zone.

Usage fees for the EasyPark app will apply.

The existing free EziCom parking is still available for use, while motorists can continue to pay via coins or card.

The mobile licence plate technology also shifts the City’s existing manual compliance operations to a digital environment.

This enables safe and efficient workplace practices and provides improved OH&S outcomes for City employees.

Similar technology is being used in many cities overseas and across Australia, including Melbourne, Warrnambool, Brisbane, Byron Bay and Gold Coast.

The City will also carry out informed analysis of parking occupancy and turnover across central Geelong through new non-identifiable parking sensors.

Twenty sensors will be installed in different areas and parking zones of central Geelong.

The data will provide us with information on how long car parks are occupied, the duration the spaces are vacant, and the peak periods of use.

This will give us a better understanding of where and when visitors are parking in central Geelong, as we seek to maximise the availability of spaces.

It will also provide insight into how motorists are using 2P zones before and during the trial of free 30-minute parking in the two-hour zones.

No identifiable information, such as the vehicle licence plate, is recorded by the sensors.

Mayor Stephanie Asher

This new technology will make it easier for the community to park in central Geelong.
It will remove the need for motorists to display a ticket in their vehicle, meaning they won’t have to return to their car after feeding the meter or paying via the app. The new and existing apps will allow users to pay up to the exact minute of their stay, and to transfer credit to another bay.
The new system will also reduce the environmental impact caused by paper waste.

Cr Eddy Kontelj, Chair, Transportation and Connections portfolio

The free 30-minute parking trial in 2P zones aims to stimulate interest in the CBD and encourage a higher number of short-term visitors.
It’s a proactive initiative by the Council to support our retail and hospitality businesses, and help central Geelong remain a place where people enjoy spending time.
Free 30-minute CBD car parking is one of the most significant parking initiatives we as a City have implemented, which will complement free weekend CBD parking introduced several years ago.



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