Eastern Beach Reserve toilet block

Monday, 30 December 2019

The following comments can be attributed to City of Greater Geelong Acting Director Economy, Investment and Attraction Mark Gallon:

Do we have any rough numbers on how many people visited Eastern Beach Reserve yesterday (Christmas Day)?

Eastern Beach experienced much larger crowds on Christmas Day than expected, with approximately 11,200 visitors. It is estimated more than 20,000 people visited the Waterfront. The Eastern Beach Reserve toilet block had a 20% increase in users this year, with 9,500 people using the facility.

What proactive action did council take in response to the toilet block? Were these checked before Xmas day?

The City had prepared for a busy day with additional lifeguards, cleaners, security and waste bins. Plumbers and sewer pump trucks were also on standby. When it became apparent the sewage system was reaching capacity, the sewer pump trucks were called in. The standby team resolved what turned out to be a blockage within 90 minutes.

As this year’s visitor numbers significantly increased from last year, we will review our resources for next year.

For New Year’s Eve next week, portable toilets for Steampacket Gardens and Eastern Beach Reserve have been booked along with additional cleaning staff until 1am on New Year’s Day.

The sewer pumps were upgraded two months ago and checked again prior to Christmas Day. Unfortunately, the sewer overflow was caused by people incorrectly placing wipes, nappies and napkins in the toilets rather than in the sanitary bins supplied.

We ask the community to ensure they dispose of wipes, nappies and napkins correctly in the bins provided. The City plans on creating and displaying educational resources for visitors using the toilets along the Waterfront.

Page last updated: Monday, 30 December 2019