‘Road to Boston’ filming

Thursday, 9 January 2020

Quotes attributed to Mayor Stephanie Asher:

1. What is the region gaining from a feature film being filmed in Geelong?

This is yet another opportunity for Geelong to have more than 15 minutes of fame on the world stage! Geelong’s involvement in Road to Boston will bring international exposure to our city and showcase our world class location.
To be a popular film location aligns nicely with being a clever and creative city.
Feature films bring a big contingent of travelling crew and various support personnel, which generates investment in our economy. Road to Boston has also created local employment through the use of local crew and businesses.
Road to Boston is the true story of Korean athlete Suh Yun-bok, who won the Boston Marathon in 1947.
Key scenes are being filmed this week in Geelong, with Mount Pleasant Road undergoing a transformation into a suburban Boston street, circa 1947.
Challambra Crescent will be depicted as the toughest section of the Boston Marathon course, known as ‘Heartbreak Hill’. In the movie, this will be where Suh Yun-bok takes the lead in the race.

2. What has been the reaction from the public and residents regarding the hype but also the road closures and inconvenience?

The feedback I’ve received is that locals have been curious and interested in stopping to watch the filming.
The film crew have been friendly and happy to interact with passers-by.
The crew have been doing their best to minimise traffic disruption and close off roads only when they really need to. While there has been some inconvenience, this has been kept to a minimum and residents have been very understanding.

3. Can the region expect more feature films to be welcomed in the region?

The City of Greater Geelong has a longstanding and strong relationship with Film Victoria and individual members of the film industry. This sees Geelong considered as a filming location for all features that come to Victoria.
We’re in regular discussion about potential projects and aiming to find the ones that we believe will most benefit Geelong.
We’re seen as an attractive destination because we’re close to Melbourne and have a proven ability to work effectively in partnership with productions of all scales with our film-friendly approach.
The Whistleblower, featuring action scenes filmed in central Geelong during 2018, has recently been released in China and across the world, showcasing our city to an international audience.

Page last updated: Friday, 10 January 2020