Swim Sport and Leisure member communications

Friday, 17 January 2020

The following comments are to be attributed to Director Community Life Robyn Stevens:
This week our Swim Sport and Leisure Services team contacted members by email to inform them of a planned change in email service providers.

This change in service providers was proposed in order to provide a better service to Swim Sport and Leisure members. All proposed changes adhered strictly to Australian privacy laws.

We acknowledge that the information provided in the email caused a level of concern among some members about the protection of their privacy. This was certainly not the City’s intent and we apologise for causing any concern or confusion.

Protecting the privacy and safety of our community is paramount for the City.

The software provider that was being considered is one of the largest providers of this type of service in Australia, with systems and services that adhere to the highest level security and data protection standards.

However, in response to significant community concern and feedback received, we will be putting this proposed service change on hold while we investigate alternative options that work best for our members and our services.

We have not transferred any personal information at this time.

We have communicated directly with members to update them about this decision.

Follow up questions and answers:

Q1 - What is the name of the software provider?

The City is not in a position to disclose the name of the chosen service provider due to contractual obligations.

Q2 - Was council to receive a financial benefit in sharing this personal information?

No. The City was never considering selling or benefitting financially in any way by sharing personal information.

Q3 - What “personal information” was to be shared with the external provider, names, addresses, emails, credit cards and medical/health information etc?

Personal information to be used in this process was limited to contact information and membership details including name, address, email address, phone number and member number.

No financial or medical data was proposed to be transferred.

Q4 - Who signed off on this email and were elected councillors notified of this change? 

This proposed change in service provider was an operational decision with appropriate organisational approvals in place.

Councillors are not required to be involved in operational decisions of this nature.



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