City prepares for long weekend influx

Friday, 24 January 2020

The City has allocated a range of additional resources to prepare for large crowds at Eastern Beach this long weekend.

In anticipation of a large crowd, the City will provide additional bins, public toilets, lifeguards, security, cleaning collections and Local Laws officers.

Local Laws officers will be patrolling to monitor potential issues such as illegal camping, fishing, open fires, dogs at large and illegal parking.

An estimated 13,760 people visited Eastern Beach on Australia Day last year.

However, higher than average numbers have been accessing Eastern Beach this summer, with an estimated 190,000 visitors throughout January alone.

There is a range of free activities to enjoy at the reserve, which includes an enclosed sea bath, boardwalk, children’s pool, terraced lawns, and a playground.

Visitors are encouraged to respect the community facilities by leaving the space better than they found it.

This includes placing clean plastic bottles and containers, paper and cardboard, aluminium cans and foil, and empty glass bottles and jars (lids separated) in the recycling bins.

Everything else, such as nappies and sanitary products, should be placed in one of the rubbish bins.

Products that aren’t toilet paper that are placed in the public toilets do not break down, causing blockages and overflows.

Things like nappies, cotton buds, sanitary items and wipes (even the ones labelled as flushable) should always be disposed of in the bin.

Barwon Water has some great information about what can’t be flushed as part of it’s Don’t flush it! campaign.

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Greater Geelong Mayor Stephanie Asher

We want people to enjoy the wonderful range of activities on the waterfront – but we also want them to respect other visitors and maintain the beauty of the area. The team has worked hard to ensure there is sufficient resources and facilities to ensure that Eastern Beach can best accommodate the large crowds expected over the long weekend.

Cr Peter Murrihy, Chair Central and Civic Geelong

Eastern Beach has forever been a truly magnificent place for families to enjoy precious time together. Whether you are visiting from other parts of the state or a local wishing to enjoy the long weekend - you can be assured the appropriate measures will be in place.

Page last updated: Friday, 24 January 2020