Larger block sizes and fewer lots in substantially altered Waurn Ponds development

Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Council has supported an alternative resolution put forward by Councillor Pat Murnane that will see a residential development at 35 Hams Road and 69-93 Hams Road, Waurn Ponds go ahead in a substantially different form to what was first proposed.

In response to significant community feedback about the proposal, the amended resolution moved by Councillor Murnane has resulted in a reduction in total lot numbers within the development and larger minimum block sizes, along with several other changes.

After deferring the decision in January and February, council last night considered an Independent Panel report and adopted Amendment C372, which will rezone the land from a Farming Zone to General Residential Zone Schedule 1. A Design and Development Overlay will guide subdivision requirements.

As part of the alternative resolution, council will recommend to the Minister for Planning that planning permits be approved, with the following changes:

  • Residential lots will be no less than 400 square metres in size (up from 300 square metres);
  • Lots fronting Hams Road will be no less than 850 square metres in size (up from 800 square metres);
  • No more than 214 lots in total across both sites; and
  • Three lots from the western site and three on the eastern side will be replaced with open space, connecting to the creek reserve parkland.

Council has also acknowledged the existing traffic issues on Ghazeepore Road and the proponent’s voluntary $500,000 contribution for a traffic improvement study and improvement works. Residents will have the chance to identify design options to address community concerns.

The alternative resolution also acknowledges that further environmental assessments need to be carried out, including an assessment detailing the level and location of any contamination.

The amendment was exhibited in March and April 2019 and received 165 submissions, 159 of which opposed or sought changes to the proposal. Some of the concerns raised include traffic, housing density, and drainage and flooding issues.

Council referred the amendment to an Independent Panel in June 2019, which found the development is well-founded and wouldn’t result in an unacceptable impact on the neighbourhood character. It also found that on balance, the development was likely to add a relatively small amount of extra traffic to Ghazeepore Road and surrounds.

Cr Murnane’s amendment passed on an 8-2 vote, with councillors Murnane, Harwood, Asher, Grzybek, Mason, Mansfield, Sullivan and Murrihy in favour, councillors Kontelj and Aitken against, and councillor Nelson absent.

Councillor Pat Murnane - Kardinia ward

When this matter first came to the council we were looking at a subdivision of 400 lots. We’ve now got that number down to 214. Along with the other changes we’ve introduced through this resolution, the development now looks a lot different to what it once did. The public open space is very generous, with a great entrance into the estate, a generous central park, and green space flowing through from one end to the other.

We listened very intently to the views of the public, and it’s because of those views that we’ve been able to secure these changes. A big thanks to the community for all of its feedback through this process. We’d also like to take this chance to thank the developer for his cooperation with the community.


Page last updated: Wednesday, 25 March 2020