City welcomes planning approval for Civic Precinct

Wednesday, 1 July 2020

Pre-construction demolition works, delivered by local company Perry Demolitions, began Monday 15 June on the Bayley Street portion of the site, with construction scheduled to commence at the end of July. Construction of the project will be complete mid-year 2022.

Quintessential Equity (QE) and project builder Watpac have set a target of 60 per cent local procurement through the construction of the precinct, creating around 900 jobs for local businesses and suppliers in the region.

The Civic Precinct will allow the City to consolidate seven offices into one new purpose-built energy efficient building, to drive operational efficiencies and continue to improve alignment of delivery of City services to maintain high standards of community service. Once complete, the new offices will save the City $3 million per year in rent and energy costs alone.

The precinct will also feature co-working areas, end-of-trip facilities, café and retail. Its design includes a new laneway connection from Mercer Street to Bayley Street.

The City, QE and Watpac are signatories of the G21 Region Opportunities for Work (GROW) Compact – an initiative focused on maximising economic and social outcomes in Geelong by creating new jobs and opportunities for people experiencing disadvantage.

The City’s new office will achieve the highest environmental standards in design, energy, waste and water usage including a six-star Green Star design rating as part of the city’s ambitions to position Geelong as a leader in innovative and sustainable business, in line with our community-led Clever and Creative 30-year vision for our region.  

The $220 million precinct, $102.5 million funded by the City and the remainder by QE, complements the $40 million in projects allocated by the state government for the G21 region as part of its $2.7 billion Building Works package.

Cr Peter Murrihy, Chair, Central and Civic Geelong portfolio

The approval of the planning permit is a major milestone in the creation of our new Civic Precinct in the heart of Geelong.

At a challenging time like this, the project will help speed up the recovery of our economy by creating around 900 jobs for local businesses and suppliers.

Once finished it will be an asset for our community, with a large and welcoming public space, retail outlets and cafes. It will also create improved pedestrian links into our CBD and give the community a central access point for council services.

We look forward to seeing the precinct begin to take shape over the coming months.

Quote attributed to Martin Cutter, CEO, City of Greater Geelong

The approval of a planning permit is a great step forward towards starting construction of this important project. We’re creating confidence in central Geelong by investing in revitalising this significant area of our city.

This new public precinct will be both a new home for the City’s central Geelong employees and a vibrant, active public plaza, accessible and welcoming to our whole community.

The project team’s commitment to local jobs and procurement will drive investment back into our local community at an important time for our community and economy.


Page last updated: Thursday, 2 July 2020