Little Malop Street access options to be investigated further

Wednesday, 1 July 2020

Further engagement will be carried out with key stakeholders and the broader community about vehicle access restrictions in Little Malop Street.

Last night, council noted the findings of a report which investigated options to provide alternative vehicle access to Little Malop Street between Moorabool Street and Shorts Place.

In March this year, council endorsed a proposal restricting vehicles from Little Malop Street between Dennys Place and Moorabool Street with automated rising bollards from 10am to 4am the next morning. The aim of these restrictions is to provide a safer and more inviting space for diners and pedestrians. Businesses, residents and emergency services were consulted last year to understand how the area is used and potential impacts from restrictions.

At that same council meeting, councillors also requested a report investigating potential access options to Little Malop Street via Moorabool Street for vehicles. The report found those proposals would negatively impact pedestrians, cyclists, buses and general traffic flow on Moorabool Street and reverse efforts for a more ‘people focused’ environment.

However, the Council last night asked for extra consultation and investigation, to see if a balance can be found between the competing priorities including access, sense of place and pedestrian safety. The findings will come back to council in September 2020.

Councillor Stephanie Asher - Mayor

We look forward to hearing more from the community on how council can best provide an inviting, safe and thriving space for pedestrians, businesses and events on Little Malop Street, while providing sufficient vehicle access for services and tenants.

Councillor Eddy Kontelj

We note the findings of the report, but the Council has now requested further work and consultation be done to investigate options to provide vehicle access to Shorts Place from Moorabool Street, via Little Malop Street.

We need to be forward thinking and plan our city for the future. Exploring vehicle access into Shorts Place will encourage out of the box thinking from investors, developers and business operators and will allow them to look more broadly at what that particular area of our exciting CBD could become in the future, including Belchers Corner and the buildings along Ryrie and Moorabool Streets that back onto Shorts Place.

In addition, and excitingly, this access will also support the potential to permanently close off Little Malop Street between Dennys Place and Shorts Place for the purpose of alfresco dining and community gatherings. This will give Little Malop Street a real cosmopolitan feel about it.

We hope through this further work we can come up with an option that finds a good balance between the different priorities in the area.

Page last updated: Wednesday, 1 July 2020