Thank you to Belmont resident Bob Price

Friday, 3 July 2020

A Belmont resident who has cared for a neighbourhood park over his 65 years of living in the area has been recognised for his service to the local community.

The City of Greater Geelong has planted a feature tree and installed a sign at Morris Reserve to acknowledge the voluntary contribution of Bob Price in maintaining the park for generations of families to enjoy.

Bob, 91, is so well known in the area that many locals affectionately call the reserve ‘Bob’s Park’.

Over decades he has taken it upon himself to mow the grass, clean up graffiti and rubbish and keep the City informed about any required repairs to the playground at the corner of Morris Street and The Avenue in Belmont.

In December 2019, local resident Barbara Jehu submitted a proposal to honour Bob at the park.

The submission included many letters of support and a petition.

The City has planted a Norfolk Island Pine in a central point of the park, accompanied by a sign recognising Bob’s efforts.

Cr Bruce Harwood:


Bob Price is a much-loved member of the Belmont community and extremely worthy of this recognition.
Many residents have shared their personal stories and admiration of Bob, who has volunteered his time for the benefit of locals.
Council thanks Bob for his contribution over the past 65 years - it is people like him who are the real treasures of our community.


Bob Price:


I started helping out with the maintenance of the park when I moved to the area. Over the years I have met many people and everyone in the neighbourhood knows who I am.
It’s a wonderful community. Looking ahead, I hope the reserve continues to be a place for families to enjoy.
This is a proud moment and I thank the local residents who put my name forward for recognition.


Barbara Jehu:


Bob has cared for the park, the children and their families for as long as those residents I have talked to can remember.
Bob is a gentle, caring man – a true gentleman. People know him by name and toot and wave when passing in the street.
People talk about ‘values’ and ‘respect’ a lot these days and to me Bob embodies these qualities and we should all aspire to how Bob lives and what he displays.

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