Council approves blueprint for future of Greater Geelong

Wednesday, 23 June 2021

City of Greater Geelong Councillors last night endorsed OurCommunity Plan 2021-25, a four-year strategic plan for the future of the region.

The plan was approved alongside the 2021-2022 Budget, after a significant community engagement process in April and May this year.

Our Community Plan, which combines the City’s former CouncilPlan and the Municipal Health & Wellbeing Plan, will guide Council decisions over the next four years, including yearly budget allocations.

An Action Plan detailing the key initiatives and actions will be developed and released on an annual basis to support the delivery of Our Community Plan.

Our Community Plan 2021-25 sets goals and priorities in four strategic directions:

  • Healthy, caring and inclusive community
  • Sustainable growth and environment
  • Strong local economy
  • High-performing council and organisation

City of Greater Geelong Mayor Stephanie Asher said Our Community Plan 2021-25 was a framework for Council decisions about policy, programs and resources.

Our Community Plan been developed in tandem with our Budget 2021-22 to ensure our investment decisions align with our strategic goals and that the community health, wellbeing and aspirations for our future are reflected in everything we do.
Sustainability is a key principle underpinning this plan – Council is focused on achieving the best outcomes for people, the environment and the economy – both now and in the future.
This plan is a key strategic document that ensures we stay current and responsive to the region’s evolving priorities and opportunities, while holding true to our 30-year Clever and Creative Vision.

Councillor Kylie Grzybek, Chair, Statutory and Strategic Planning portfolio said Our Community Plan was developed through comprehensive engagement.

This plan is the result of asking our community what their priorities are for the future of the Greater Geelong, and using those responses to set our strategic directions for the next four years.
The Municipal Health & Wellbeing Plan is incorporated into this document because the community’s health and wellbeing is a top priority - we need to ensure people are mentally well and feeling connected with each other, particularly during the pandemic.
Our Community Plan is a culmination of everything we heard from community members who have a diverse range of views and experiences and we’re committed to continuous improvement and adaptability to meet their needs.
I thank all those who have been involved in the development of Our Community Plan 2021-25 and Action Plan.  This document ensures the community know what the strategic priorities are in a clear and concise document.

Page last updated: Thursday, 12 August 2021