Scarf Festival©

The Scarf Festival© celebrating the humble scarf since 2003.

In 2003 the Melbourne Scarf Festival© began. The vision of Craft Victoria it struck a chord and flourished; quickly out growing its Melbourne home. In 2008 it moved to Australia’s home of wool – the National Wool Museum. The Scarf Festival© was born. 

Since it began, over 3,000 scarves, created by more than 1,000 artists from across Australia, Asia, Europe and North America have been displayed, many have been sold. The enduring attraction - anyone or group may enter; all ages and abilities are both welcome and encouraged to participate.

In 2018, after 15 years we knew it was time for Scarf Festival© to grow, take a next step. Today we #CelebrateTheScarf and the time honoured Scarf of the Year Award is an integral part of We The Makers Design Festival - Makers Marketplace.


From modest winter wear to lovingly crafted treasure, fashion statement to meticulously crafted art form. We The Makers Design Festival - Makers Marketplace is still a showcase of wearable art to be touched, tried-on and purchased. It is all about supporting and promoting artists and contemporary craft.

Traditional Craft and Contemporary Practice

More than an exhibition of finished pieces. We The Makers Design Festival – Makers Marketplace is a UNESCO Geelong - City of Design biennial festival from the National Wool Museum, Geelong, Australia. The 2020 inaugural theme: ‘Design for the Future: Sustainable and Ethical Textiles and Fashion’.

We The Makers Design Festival – Makers Marketplace will exhibit and sell original creations by entrants of all backgrounds, ages and abilities - everyone from established makers, designers and artists to those just starting out. This is the place where you can create, display and sell your headwear, scarves, bodywear and footwear. 

It is an opportunity to share, learn and create. Throughout the festival there is an exciting schedule of hands-on learning programs which provide participants the opportunity to see first-hand the techniques and trends being developed and used around the world of craft today.

Scarf of the Year

Of the thousands entered over the years, only 15 have won Scarf of the Year. To this we pay tribute and continue the tradition in We The Makers - Makers Marketplace. Sponsored by Provincial Media - Geelong + Surf Coast Living Scarf of the Year continues to take pride of place and support the talent, expertise and hard work of makers from across Australia.

Scarf Festival Legacy

2018 – Living on the Land

258 scarves entered.

A sense of place and connection. The natural and built landscapes; the places where we live, work and play.

2017 – Galaxies

260 scarves entered.

A textile journey to infinity and beyond. Let the cosmos be your guide. Find your inspiration amongst gas, dust and stars. Calculate your trajectory to the National Wool Museum.

2016 – Myths and Legends

278 scarves entered.

Myths - Stories of a people and place …
Legends - Stories handed down …
Scarves - Stories told in fabric ...

Interpret a myth, capture a legend, be part of something extraordinary.

2015 – Coastlines

449 scarves entered

A great and terrible beauty, where the land meets the sea.

No single perimeter measures it or defines it. Forever changing, a fractal paradox, ill-defined in length and where precise lines cannot be determined. It is said that 44 percent of people on earth live within 150 kilometres of the sea and 4 out of 5 Australians live within 50 kilometres of the coast.

Coastlines are all at once comforting and terrifying, they are memories, the epicentre of environmental issues and landscapes unto themselves; like a scarf each with its own inherent personality and its own story to tell.

What direction will you take?  

2014 – divinely wicked or devilishly good?

329 scarves entered

What path will you take?

Will you be tempted by good or bad, or naughty or nice?

Are you one or the other? Or a little bit of both?

What happens when darkness meets the light?

What does it mean when the lines blur and the balance is broken? And how will you say it in a scarf?

2013 – Home

321 scarves entered

The National Wool Museum invites you to answer a most heartfelt question – what is home? Whatever it means to you, however you define it, shape it and live it, this is your opportunity to create a scarf that explains, explores and explodes the myths and realities of what it means to belong.

2012 – The Journey  

275 scarves entered

The Journey - is a textile exploration of what it means to each of us to travel. Inspired by daily trips, happy holidays and special sojourns, this theme examines the paths we choose and the extraordinary discoveries we make along the way.

2011 – Rhythm of Life

199 scarves entered

Celebrate the rhythm of life; the relationships, events and moments that make each of our lives unique. As with life, each scarf is unique and there is a rhythmic quality to their creation: the whirr of the wheel, the clack of the loom and the clicking of needles.

2010 – Reflections

117 scarves entered

Reflections requires you to delve into what has inspired your art and craft in the past and to question where your artistic ideas have come from. What are your roots? Does your craft express your cultural or artistic heritage?

2009 – Transformation  

150 scarves entered

Transformation. n. to change in form, appearance, nature, or character

Melbourne Scarf Festival – Produced by Craft Victoria

 2008 – A Month About Making

No festival this year, replaced by Craft Victoria as ‘A Month About Making’.

2007 – Spin

The concept of spin; textile works influenced by the theme in material and design.

2006 – Pod

The challenge: to include a pocket in the scarf which could be used for an iPod, mobile phone or handheld device.

2005 – True Colours

Tribalism and the different ways in which colours can be worn to proclaim allegiances.

2004 – Wrapture

The language of scarves and their role in wrapping the body.

2003 – Scarf Culture

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