National Wool Museum Collection

Our entire collection is now online at Victorian Collections.

The National Wool Museum collection, consisting of more than 7500 objects, including over 4300 photographs, can be searched, viewed and queried by anyone, from anywhere.

Visitors can search items currently on display at the National Wool Museum (NWM) as well as significant objects, journals, books and technology located in storage, often only to be seen by those working behind the scenes.

Access to the collection goes beyond simply searching; users can share their favourite items on social media, get in touch with the Museum by leaving a comment on an item, or click the 'Contact this collector' email button for a more immediate response.

In adding the collections of the National Wool Museum to Victorian Collections, they are now part of a showcase of cultural artifacts held by many hundreds of organisations distributed across the State of Victoria.

Please note: The National Wool Museum is unable to provide a valuation service.

We cannot provide estimates of the value of items you hold.

We suggest you approach a register antique valuer to gain that information.

Victorian Collections is a complete and professionally developed information collection management system and is free to use by collecting organisations within Victoria.

Developed by Museum Victoria in partnership with Museums Australia (Victoria), the project is currently funded by the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Victorian Cultural Network (Culture Victoria) through Arts Victoria.

NWM Quilt and Wagga Collection

Each year the winning quilt becomes part of the NWMs recognised and highly significant quilt and wagga collection. The NWM collection includes the Running Stitch Quilt Collection comprising historic waggas and early Australian quilts which was donated to the museum in 1989.

For information contact Victorian Collections.

The National Quilt Register (NQR) is an online database and central resource for the Australian quilting community. It provides digital access to quilts held in public and private collections throughout Australia. The quilts on the register vary in age, style, materials, manufacture, function and provenance. They hold important stories about the history and heritage of quilts and quilt making in Australia.

Page last updated: Monday, 10 February 2020