Design Your City - Winners Announced!

Thursday, 1 July 2021

Inspired by Geelong Design Week and visiting exhibition How Cities Work, the National Wool Museum invited young people to share their design ideas for Geelong’s future urban development. 

The challenge was to present an urban design concept for a public amenity or infrastructure with entrants asked to submit a detailed drawing and explanation of their idea.

Entries were judged by the City of Greater Geelong’s Manager of Urban Design, Jonathan Daly, who was thrilled to see so many creative ideas.

Congratulation to our four winners!

The National Wool Museum is proud to display the winners design illustrations in the How Cities Work exhibition over the winter school holidays. 

  1. Miwa Katsuragi was awarded the most practical idea for her design of Market Square Shopping Centre.  Miwa designed a modern park with safety and useful facilities front of mind.
  2. Olive Feldman was awarded the most creative idea for her design, Rainbow City.  The design included a community centre and a science and music centre inside brightly coloured and themed buildings.
  3. Juliet Feldman was awarded the most imaginative idea for her design, Fairy Play Library.  Her ideas centred around a themed library with soft grassy stairs and a thriving community garden complete with mushrooms for seats.
  4. Sean Yew-Qi Entesari-Tatafi was awarded the best overall idea for his design, Sustainable City Solutions.  Sean clearly put a lot of thought into his design that featured Maglevs (magnetic levitation trains) run on solar energy, captured from see-through solar panel windows. 

Jonathan Daly - Manager Urban Design

The level of engagement and creativity from our youth in imagining a better future for Geelong was truly inspiring.

Congratulations to everyone who took part, especially the winners.

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