About Our Future project

We all recognise the potential of Geelong. Our Future will capture this potential, and guide decision making and investment in our municipality into the future.

We need to consider what we could be in 30 years time. What do we need to be a thriving, inclusive and sustainable city? How do we stay globally competitive? How do we meet the emerging needs of the community, whilst addressing environmental, economic and demographic changes?

Our Future will be based on the community’s ideas and hopes for what Geelong could be in 30 years from now.

What is Our Future?

  • We will create a visual picture of what Geelong will look like in 30 years from now.

  • It will be aspirational - anything is possible.

  • It will capture your ideas on what you want for the future

  • It will guide decision-making at a council, government, business and community level.

Creating Our Future

We’re aiming for 25,000 contributions from residents, community, business and industry stakeholders and people connected to Geelong what they think our future could be.

  • Everyone has something they can contribute and a role to play in creating Our Future and turning it into reality.

  • We’ll find out what makes a city great and what changes we can expect in the future, both globally and locally. We’ll share this information with you, so you can make informed suggestions about the future.

There are 5 stages to the project:

Stage 1:

Inspire, educate and consult (September – December 2016): We’ll share ideas on global trends that could impact us in the future and ideas on what makes a great city. We’ll ask what you think Geelong could look like in 30 years from now, and what you want it to look like.

Stage 2:

Sorting through the ideas (February to May 2017): Sort ideas and present back to the community.

Stage 3:

Community feedback (February – April 2017): Community comments on ideas presented.

Stage 4:

Final analysis (May – June 2017): Collate community ideas into final document.

Stage 5:

Public exhibition (July 2017): Visual presentation of the Our Future project.

Keeping Our Future relevant

We’ll keep having conversations with the community and stakeholders about Our Future after May 2017.

The vision will be monitored and reviewed on a regular basis alongside ongoing community engagement.

Page last updated: Tuesday, 11 April 2017