Queens Park Master Plan

The attached document details the most recent master plan for Queens Park Recreation Reserve and can be viewed in two different formats.

The aim of the Master Plan was to develop a plan that can be used to guide the future development of the reserve having regard to user and community aspirations whilst enhancing the natural ambience and character of the park.

A key objective of the study was to identify possible water storage locations within the reserve for recycled water which could be used for golf course and playing field irrigation. Other key objectives related to improving the functionality of the reserve, including user safety, car parking, traffic management, circulation and opportunities for informal community use. Implementation of the Master Plan will improve the overall amenity and functionality of the reserve, including enhanced traffic management, safety and pedestrian circulation.

The current and future needs of the sporting clubs have been considered whilst allowing for improved facilities, amenities and infrastructure for informal community use.

Queens Park has local historical significance for the Geelong community, opportunities to increase the awareness of the origins and significance of the park should be further explored through appropriate communication, signage and interpretive information throughout the park.

The Master Plan respects the origins of the park, the natural setting and historical uses to present a contemporary plan that provides an effective framework to guide future development and management of the reserve.

Page last updated: Thursday, 28 May 2020