King Lloyd Reserve Master Plan

The attached document details the most recent master plan for King Lloyd Reserve and can be viewed in two different formats.

The master plan covers:

1. Executive Summary

2. Introduction

2.1. Project Aim 
2.2. Project Management 
2.3. Master Planning Process 

3. Planning Context

3.1. Corporate Policy and Planning 
3.2. Demographic Information 
     3.2.1. City of Greater Geelong 
     3.2.2. Surrounding Suburbs 
     3.2.3. Armstrong Creek Growth Area 

4. Current Situation

4.1. Land Description 
4.2. Existing Facilities and Landscape Amenity 
4.3. Profile of Current User Groups 

5. Consultation

5.1. Resident Questionnaire 
5.2. Reserve User Groups 
5.3. Ward Councillor and Council Staff 
5.4. Other Stakeholders 

6. Analysis of Issues and Opportunities

7. King Lloyd Reserve Master Plan

7.1. Plan Development 
7.2. Key Directions of the Master Plan 

8. Estimated Cost and Staging

9. Conclusion

Page last updated: Thursday, 28 May 2020