Stead Park Master Plan

The attached document details the most recent master plan for Stead Park Reserve and can be viewed in two different formats.

1. Executive Summary

2. Introduction

2.1 Study Area
2.2 Project Purpose 
2.3 Planning Process
2.4 Project Management Framework
2.5 Acknowledgements

3. Site Context 

3.1 Demographic Profile and Projections
3.1.1 COGG Population and Profile Corio Profile Norlane – North Shore Profile 
3.1.2 Implications for the Master Plan
3.2 Existing Facilities and Description 
3.3 Local Area Planning Context

4. Consultation Summary 

5. Issues & Opportunities

6. Core Objectives and Vision for Stead Park 

6.1 Stead Park Master Plan Core Objectives
6.2 Stead Park Master Plan Vision

7. Initial Draft Master Plan

8. Master Plan 

9. Additional Recommendations

9.1 Recycled Water
9.2 Public Art and Interprative Information
9.3 Signage and Communication
9.4 Drain Infrastructre and Risk Assessment
9.5 Responding to New Requests

10. Implementation

10.1 Summary of Indicative Costs and Priorities
10.2 Implementation
10.3 Indicative Cost Details
10.4 Exclusions and Assumptions
10.5 Operational Costs

11. Conclusions

Appendix 1: Community Survey

Appendix 2: Initial Consultation Results

Staff and Stakeholders
Community Survey Results
Corio Norlane Neighbourhood Renewal Community Survey (2007)
CoGG On-Line and Resident Survey Results 
CoGG Primary School Survey Results

Appendix 3: Issues and Opportunities Presentation

Appendix 4: Initial Issues and Opportunities Plan

Appendix 5: Initial Draft Master Plan

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