Pet registration renewals

Pet registrations are due for renewal by 10 April each year.

We encourage responsible pet ownership and endeavours to keep animal registration details accurate and up to date, if you move, we need to know your new address so you receive your pet registration renewal.

Failure to renew

Your animal registration is required to be renewed by 10 April each year.

If you fail to renew your pet you will be required to complete a new registration and run the risk of receiving a penalty infringement notice.

Council Officers conduct pet registration checks throughout the  municipality.

Transferring registrations from another municipality

If you have recently moved to Geelong and your animal is currently registered with another Council you can transfer the registration to City of Greater Geelong.

Transferring will be considered a new application therefore your animal must be microchipped, there will be no cost involved in a transfer of registration.

Page last updated: Thursday, 28 May 2020