Reformed Residential Zones Implementation Report October 2013

The report provides a background to the implementation of the new residential zones for Geelong.

The report reviews the existing strategic planning policy framework for residential development in Geelong. It provides a background to the new residential zones and explains how the new zones align with the existing policy framework. It also provides an analysis of Geelong's residential areas and how the new residential zones will be applied, including changes to the Planning Scheme.

A study of each Increased Housing Diversity Area (IHDA) in Geelong is included in the report. The study was undertaken to determine whether the Residential Growth Zone would be the most appropriate zone for these areas. Individual IHDA studies can be obtained below.

A site analysis of the proposed Geelong West Manifold Heights and Newtown Further Work Area is also included.

A glossary of terms used in the individual IHDA studies can be obtained below.


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