Objections to the planning permit application

If an application is advertised, anyone who has concerns about it has the right to lodge an objection (under The Planning and Environment Act, 1987).

Please note that some applications are exempt from public notice as specified in the Planning Scheme.

If the advertising is not exempt, we are required to consider all objections before making we make a decision on an application.

If you believe you are affected by, or have concerns about, an application, this is how to lodge an objection:

  • Visit the current planning permit applications section of our website
  • Select the relevant application by using the property link
  • Select 'submit an objection'
  • Complete the online objection form
  • Tick the terms and conditions acceptance box
  • Select the 'submit' button to send your objection to us.

If there is not enough space to include all the details of your objection you can upload a document up to 4MB.

There are other ways to lodge an objection:

  • in person at 100 Brougham St Geelong or at any of our customer service centres
  • by email to [email protected]
  • by post to PO BOX 104 Geelong 3220 AUSTRALIA.

Please note that objections are public documents that can be seen by the applicant, councillors and members of the public.

Page last updated: Tuesday, 8 September 2020