Council to request Planning Scheme review

Wednesday, 31 July 2019

Council has supported a matter for Urgent Business raised by Councillor Ron Nelson, regarding the GreaterGeelong Planning Scheme’s Community Care Accommodation clause.

Community Care Accommodation is land used to provide permanent, temporary and emergency accommodation and care services. It may include supervisory staff and support services for residents and visitors. This land use and development doesn’t require planning approval from council if the clause’s requirements are met.

The Mayor will write to the Minister for Planning, requesting a review of Clause 52.22 of Victorian Planning Schemes in relation to Community Care Accommodation, to allow for a more transparent process by providing for community input into such development proposals.

The letter will also highlight that the current provisions fail to provide for community consultation in relation to issues around design, height, scale, bulk and neighbourhood character.

Councillor Bruce Harwood - Mayor

I’ll be meeting with the state government and plan on raising the issues surrounding this clause’s process.

Without community consultation, I don’t think the state government has been able to make the most informed decision on these developments.

Councillor Ron Nelson - Kardinia Ward

Council prides itself on its high level of community consultation and it’s concerning the public hasn’t been given the opportunity to have its say, as this commercial facility from the Haven Foundation is being built in a residential area.

There is a growing need for appropriate mental health facilities in the region, however the Greater Geelong Planning Scheme’s ‘Community Care Accommodation’ clause leaves both council and the community powerless to have any input towards the solution and on issues around location, design, scale and neighbourhood character.

This isn’t just a Highton issue, this has the potential to impact the make-up of suburbs across Victoria.

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