Apply for a SBO Flood Advice

It's easy to apply for a SBO Flood Advice.

Please note: Requests for Special Building Overlay flood advice can be submitted online or by email. If you do not have access to e-mail you can submit by post.

When submitting by:

  • email - you can send all information as PDF format

  • post - we require one copy of your plans

To prevent delays in the processing of your application, please ensure you provide all the relevant accompanying information.

Ready?'s time to apply!

  1. Apply online now to submit your application or download and complete the request form

  2. Collect all the relevant additional information which should include:

    • Boundaries and dimensions of the site and plan/diagram clearly showing the location of the property in relation to the nearest road and intersection

    • The layout, size and use of existing and proposed buildings and works, including vehicle parking areas

    • Setbacks between existing and proposed buildings and site boundaries

    • Natural surface levels of the site to Australian Height Datum (AHD)

    • Floor and surface levels of any existing and proposed buildings and works to AHD

    • Cross-sectional details of any basement entry ramps and other basement entries to AHD, showing floor levels of entry and exit areas and drainage details

    • If subdivision is proposed, the location, shape and size of the proposed lots

    • Plans must be appropriately referenced, dated and contain version numbers

  3. Attach relevant documents online or email the completed form with all the relevant documents to [email protected] or 

    Post your application with all relevant documents, including one copy of your plans, to:

    PO Box 104
    GEELONG VIC 3220

Page last updated: Thursday, 28 May 2020