Apply for a Places of Public Entertainment (P.O.P.E) and prescribed temporary structures permit

Prior to lodging an application, please contact our Events department on 5275 4804 to make all suitable arrangements for your event. 

‘Public entertainment’ means an event or meeting which members of the public can attend, such as:

  • circus
  • air Show
  • cinema in a park
  • community fair or show (e.g. Geelong Show)
  • kids’ carnival
  • live performances (e.g. rock concerts)

An occupancy permit must be issued by the municipal building surveyor before a building or place can be used as a Place of Public Entertainment.

The following are prescribed temporary structures that require a siting approval by the municipal building surveyor before they are erected/placed on the land:

  • a seating stand for more than 20 people
  • a marquee larger than 100m2
  • a tent larger than 100m2
  • a booth larger than 100m2
  • a stage or platform larger than 150m2

Page last updated: Tuesday, 3 April 2018