Central Geelong Public Realm Framework - Unique elements

Section 3 provides a structure for the creation of a network of interesting interactive, engaging and stimulating pieces and places across the City Centre.

3.1 Unique spaces and public art opportunities


The public realm framework recognises the need for an element of surprise to be used sparingly to allow for some amount of individuality for unique or special projects.

Unique spaces will provide an opportunity to design a ‘twist’ on the standard palette within a section of streetscape or public space.

Unique spaces may develop quite distinctively from the standard palette and are anticipated to be more comprehensive designs than just the installation of a unique piece of furniture or art. It is anticipated that these unique spaces would build on the use of standard materials (for example: 800 millimetres x 500 millimetres standard paver) perhaps utilising them in a different way as well as designing in integrated and/or unique furniture.

Public art opportunities are directed by Council’s Public Art Strategy: Connecting people, place & environment : a public art strategy for the City of Greater Geelong, adopted 11 September 2012, and four platforms for delivery including:

  • Permanent Elements
  • Lighting/ Projection/ Interactive
  • Street Art
  • Flexible/Temporary

In addition, the following opportunities have been identified.

  • Allow for a range of different forms and interpretations of art
  • Experimental art should be encouraged as well as monumental
  • Ephemeral, performative or temporary as well as permanent.
  • Works with local reference to history, and the built environment narratives to articulate identity as well as references back to the Geelong Art Gallery and other permanent collections.
  • Interactive works provide connection and interest.
  • Children should be considered and viewed/experienced at a lower eye level.
  • The collection will be diverse, challenging, beautiful, thought provoking site responsive and dynamic Ÿ Some works should respond specifically to a youth sensibility

3.2 Public art opportunities (indicative only)

Permanent Elements

Opportunities for occasional bespoke contemporary designs

Some subtle decorative qualities to add a narrative, interest achieved through patterning and applications may be considered in appropriate locations.

Two images: artistic seating and yellow bicycle

Two images: artistic wooden seating and a bike rack designed as the words 'bike rack'

Custom furniture items comissioned (for example: bike racks, seats, bins) demonstrating aesthetic value and functionality.

Multiple elements in a garden setting


Opportunities for occasional custom approaches. Custom lighting opportunities to incorporate LED uplighting of civic buildings, Public Art works, pedestrian corridors in Cultural Precinct and museum.

Custom lighting

Provide platforms for various media, including interactive opportunities, sculptural forms ephemeral works, digital
projection and illumination.

Three images showing various lighting and projection or interactive lighting

Street Art

Moments of surprise and intrigue in unexpected places...

Examples of street art moments of surprise and intrigue


Opportunities for art to be programmed or temporarily exhibited.

Examples of flexible or temporary art

Another example of flexible or temporary art

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