Rates waiver

A rates waiver may be possible if your valuation has increased over 50% (excluding building works) and you are a pensioner, or have a household income below $51,903 for 2016/2018.

We provide this service to ratepayers who cannot, due to hardship, pay rates. Rate assistance waivers can be discussed with the Senior Revenue officer.


In circumstances where the general 2016 property valuation has increased by more than 50% and subject to certain criteria, you may make application and be eligible for a 'one-off' waiver of up to 50% of the dollar increase on the previous year's rates.

There is no maximum amount set as to the 50%.

The waiver will also be 'phased-in' between 50% to 60%. The waiver is in the form of a 'phase-in' of valuation. Eligible recipients of the waiver will have to pay the full amount - that is, Capital Improved Value (CIV) x rate in dollar - in future years.

Your Application will be assessed against the following criteria:

  • Household income under $51,903

  • No property improvements since January 2014 that required a building permit

  • Increase in latest (2016) property valuation - the capital improved value - by more than 50% from the previous 2014 property valuation for your sole and principal place of residence

  • The Recycle and Waste Service Charge and the Municipal Charge will be excluded from these waiver provisions

  • Only one 'one-off' waiver is allowed between 2016-2018 to assist with the phase in of valuations

We will send out a letter to you if we believe your valuation has increased by more than 50% to advise you of the possibility of being eligible for a rates waiver.

Apply for a rates waiver

You can either:

Apply for a rates assistance waiver online  

or print out, complete and return the document below.

Applications for waiver beyond the 2016-2018 rate assistance measure can only proceed after Council consideration.

Page last updated: Monday, 3 July 2017