Rates additional fees and charges

There are a number of additional fees and charges on your rates notice.

Municipal charge

In addition to general rates, we levy a municipal charge - a set amount on each property. This levy is applied to recover some of the fixed administrative costs associated with running the municipality.

For 2019-20 the set amount is $105.25 per rateable property.

Recycling and waste collection service

The waste service fee is based on user pays principles and recovers such costs as collection, recycling, landfill and the State Government landfill levy, estimated at $35.88 per property.

This is a compulsory charge, applying to all areas of the municipality that receive a domestic refuse collection and disposal service.

Fire Services Property Levy (FSPL)

The Victorian Government requires the City to bill, receipt and collect a FSPL on rateable and non-rateable properties.

The levy is not subject to the rates cap.

For more information visit Fire Services Property Levy or call 13 21 61.

Page last updated: Tuesday, 2 July 2019