Rates, valuation and charges

your investment in your community - houses, workers, building projects

Rates are a general purpose levy, which contribute to more than 120 services plus essential infrastructure such as roads, footpaths, parks, gardens, libraries and sports facilities.

Ways to pay your rates notice

Choose from full payment, by instalment, direct debit options and more.

What charges are included in your notice

More about additional charges like municiple rates, recycling and rubbish collection and the fire services levy.

How rates are calculated

We use Capital Improved Value (CIV) for the calculation of rates, which is determined by independent valuers.

Address and ownership changes

Ratepayers are legally required to advise us of any changes in ownership and mailing address.

Receive your notice electronically

View your rates notice instantly and sign up to pay your rates by direct debit.

Rates assistance and hardships

There are a number of different arrangements for rate payment depending on your personal situation.

Property valuations

A pie chart of how $100 of rates contributions will be spent this on services
What services do my rates pay for?

Our budget explains how your rates are spent.

Rate capping

About rate capping.