Request a rates notice reprint

There are a number of ways to get a copy of your rate notice.

Reprints are free during the current rate year.

No fee option

Use your myGeelong account

  1. Login to access your rates notice/s.
  2. View each notice by clicking on the Rates option under Services.
  3. Click on the property address to see the option to download, print and save.

Please note: copies of notices only appear in the download/save/print area after the notice is generated in August each year.

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Can’t see your rates account/s listed under the Services heading? Try clicking on Rates to see the address of your properties, then click on the address to see the notices available to view.

If you don't see any addresses, we can link your rates for you when you complete the request to link. Please note: you must be the owner of the property (we currently don't link companies or trust funds to myGeelong accounts).

Fees may apply options

1. Over the phone

Call our helpful staff to arrange a reprint to be mailed/emailed out to you.

2. In person

Visit any of our Customer Service Centres to have your rate notice reprinted for you.

A fee applies for reprints from previous years:

Rating year/s Fee per year
1-7 years prior to the current year $14.70
More than 7 years (charge per rating year) $80.00

We can only provide rating information as far back as 1994-1995.

Page last updated: Tuesday, 7 July 2020