Combine multiple rate notices

When you own more than one adjoining or abutting property, you may be able to have them valued together and receive a single rate notice.

We can value your properties together when all properties are vacant or there is only one house and the others are blocks of land. If all of the properties have houses on them, they must be separately rated and valued individually.

The owners of the properties must also be exactly the same to enable us to value them together. This means that you can't own one while your partner own the other. To have them valued together - the same owners must appear on the rate notice and certificate of title.

You can apply in writing by either:

Your request should tell us:

  • your name
  • your contact information
  • the details of the rated properties you wish to combine, such as addresses and/or assessment numbers
  • the registered owners of these properties

Please note:  The properties must be adjoining.

We will send it through to our Valuations Section for processing.

Page last updated: Wednesday, 27 March 2019