Recycling works at work

Planet Ark's 'Seven Secrets of Successful Recyclers' research shows that one of the last hurdles to overcome is the workplace.

According to the research, about 12.5 million tonnes of commercial and industrial waste is produced in Australia each year.

While businesses generate more waste than households, commercial waste has a recycling rate at only 46%.

The research found that: 

  • 76% of workplaces recycle paper
  • 50% of workplaces recycle common packaging items like bottles and cans
  • 44% recycle printer cartridges and
  • 27% recycle mobile phones

Having recycling programs in place is good for the environment and good for staff morale.

The research showed that 78% agreed that having recycling facilities at work either does, or would, make them feel like they work for a responsible employer. 

Ensuring that bins have clear and simple signage and are located in easily accessible areas are the simplest ways to increase recycling at work.

Visit Planet Ark's BusinessRecycling site for more information for recycling in the workplace.

Page last updated: Monday, 9 December 2019