Tips to reduce your food waste

The average household fridge has a lot to answer for.

People shop for the week, stack the fridge and food gets forgotten – stuck in the dark corners of the vegetable crisper or hidden behind jars of jam. It’s the main reason why people waste food at home.

Before you go shopping, make sure you’ve looked in your fridge, freezer and pantry at what ingredients you have and what needs using up.

Here are some tips:


  1. Get organised so you can see what you have at a glance.
  2. Invest in good storage containers and bag clips to keep food fresh.
  3. Check your pantry before shopping to avoid double ups.
  4. Try using pantry items up at the end of each month.

The fridge

  1. Move food that needs using up first to the front of the fridge.
  2. Keep the fridge temperature at 4°Celsius.
  3. Pack leftovers in airtight containers (and remember to eat them!).
  4. Don’t overload your fridge so the cold air can circulate.

The freezer

  1. Food can be frozen on its use-by date.
  2. Freeze food in portions.
  3. Use airtight containers to avoid freezer burn.
  4. Label and date freezer food so you can see what you have.
  5. Defrost with care by thawing in your fridge overnight.
  6. Cook from the freezer once a week. Most food can be frozen, but the quality will slowly decline over time.

Source: Ozharvest

Page last updated: Friday, 10 January 2020