Susty Hub a first for Ocean Grove

Monday, 23 September 2019

TWO Ocean Grove mums with a passion for reducing waste have joined forces to launch the Bellarine’s first micro sustainability hub.

Jackie Matthews and Lana Purcell’s mission to help people adopt a plastic-free and low-waste lifestyle saw them open the doors of Susty Hub Bellarine in Ocean Grove five months ago.

The hub, which has already attracted a loyal following, offers a refill station for cleaning and personal care products, is a drop-off point for a range of recyclable items and is the new home for Repair Café Bellarine.

The duo has plans to develop the business into a community education centre where families and businesses can learn how to live well and produce less waste.

Currently, the Susty Hub collects soft plastics for recycling through Redcycle, milk bottle tops through the Lids for Kids program, plus toothbrushes and empty toothpaste tubes through Terracycle.

They’ve also joined the Simply Cups initiative, Australia’s first coffee cup recycling program that collects and recycles single-use coffee cups.

A scrap metal trailer is permanently on site for metal tins, aluminium cans and household scrap metal.

They can also accept larger items such as fridges and washing machines if you ring ahead to arrange. All metals are transported to Melbourne for shredding and reuse in manufacturing new products.

The refill station has been a big success with more than 140 litres of quality detergents and soaps already sold.

Repair Café Bellarine will be on site again this month where volunteers skilled in sewing, electrical repairs, bike maintenance and furniture making will be on hand to breathe new life into your favourite items for a small donation. The café will be open from 10am on Sunday 6 October.

Jackie and Lana are regularly adding new features to meet demand from customers and have big plans for the future including introduction of a small chicken run, a working bee hive on the rooftop, and composting of food waste from the on-site café.

“We want to create a one-stop sustainable hub that people can visit and enjoy an educational experience about how to reduce waste,” Jackie said.

“Our ultimate vision is to set up a successful business model that could be recreated in other towns and suburbs across the Bellarine and Geelong region to tackle waste management on a larger scale.”

Susty Hub Bellarine is located at 24 Sinclair Street, Ocean Grove and is open from 9-3pm from Monday to Friday.

Page last updated: Tuesday, 24 September 2019