Kerbside bins star in new picture book

Friday, 13 December 2019

A five-year-old Highton boy’s obsession for wheelie bins and garbage trucks has inspired a new children’s picture book.

Author, Mika Grachyk penned What Happens to All Our Rubbish? after spending countless hours with her grandson, William creating stories about the curious red wheelie bin.

The idea for a book blossomed and the tale about the adventures of a trio of kerbside bins was published last year. The book is now available in libraries across Australia and New Zealand and is also proving a popular addition to the classroom in topics of environmental awareness and sustainability.

Written for three to six-year-olds, the book has a strong message about recycling and responsible rubbish disposal, while also highlighting the importance of friendship and looking out for one another.

The story follows the adventures of the red wheelie bin which jumps into the garbage truck to find out where the rubbish is taken. When the red bin doesn’t return home, the yellow and green bins go on their own escapades to find their friend.

William and his sister, Sophie briefly feature in the book, which also touches on hazardous waste, such as batteries and chemicals and highlights the importance of disposing of them correctly.

Mika Grachyk - Author

The book takes pride of place on William’s bookshelf and is still a favourite during story time each night.

Like many young children, William was obsessed with the garbage truck and wheelie bins. Every week he would help take them out and line them up for collection.

He soon became an expert about what went in each bin and which day was collection day. Sometimes when we were sitting out on the porch making up stories about the bins, he would wheel the kerbside bins over so they could listen to the story as well.

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