Help stop food going to waste

Two million Australians find themselves unable to afford enough food to feed themselves or their families. At the same time, we throw out an unbelievable amount of edible food every day.

SecondBite redistributes surplus fresh food to community food programs around Australia. Food is donated by farmers, wholesalers, markets, supermarkets, caterers and events.

This high-quality surplus food is redistributed to community food programs that support people in need from all walks of life.

SecondBite work with over 1,200 community food programs across Australia to redistribute rescued food to those in our community who need it most.

For legal reasons, SecondBite can only accept food donations from companies that donate a minimum of 50 kilograms of food.

Reduce your food waste

It’s estimated that one third of our garbage is made up of food waste. In fact, Australian households throw out enough food every year to fill more than 450,000 garbage trucks!

Perfectly good food is not only going to waste, it’s taking up valuable landfill space. When you think of all those who go without food, it just doesn’t make sense.

It’s an awful waste so let’s do something about it. Tips for reducing the amount of household food that goes to waste: 

  • Start composting: It saves food scraps from going to landfill.
  • Grow your own fruit and veggies and pick them as you need.
  • Write out a basic menu plan for the week, then use this to create your shopping list. This will save you from buying things you don’t need. Make sure you use up what’s in your fridge first, before you hit the shops.
  • Don't always get sucked into special deals like ‘buy two, get the third for free’ – ask yourself am I really going to eat all of this?
  • Have excess eggs, fruit or veggies? Share them with friends, neighbours or workmates.

Page last updated: Wednesday, 24 June 2020