Swim safe this summer

Friday, 13 December 2019

Water safety is so important. Sadly, four young children die in Victoria in home swimming pools or spas on average each year, and many more are taken to hospital for near-drownings.

Here are some tips for keeping you and your loved ones safe.

In the home

  • Always actively supervise children in and around water
  • All spas and swimming pools (even inflatable ones) containing water higher than 30 centimetres must have a compliant safety barrier
  • Check that safety barriers are in place and make sure they’re working and
  • Make sure gates and doors remain closed.

At the beach/river

  •  Never swim alone
  • Keep children within arm’s reach
  • Check the depth of the water before diving in
  • Avoid swimming near boats and ramps and
  • Check for hazards or closures on Life Saving Victoria’s website and the VicEmergency app.

Page last updated: Monday, 16 December 2019