Further opportunity for voices of older community members to be heard

Wednesday, 11 December 2019

Council has given the go ahead to set up an Ageing Well Advisory Committee in 2020, which will help shape how the City supports older people in the region to feel valued and empowered.

The advisory committee will ensure the voices of older members of the community are being heard on the City’s plans and strategies.

The committee will utilise the experience and expertise of older people and bring new perspectives while advising council on areas such as social inclusion, participation and existing aged services.

Work will start soon on an Ageing Well Strategy and it’s hoped this will also contribute to the City supporting a broader range of older people into the future.

Councillor Pat Murnane has been appointed chair of the committee, which will be made up of a maximum 12 members, including up to four community members.

Nominations for the Ageing Well Advisory Committee will open in early 2020 and will be promoted in local media and on our website.

Council already has seven advisory committees across areas such as youth, heritage, gender equity and access and inclusion.

Councillor Stephanie Asher - Mayor

It’s important the views of older people in the community, many of whom are vulnerable, are heard and considered during the decision making process.

The Ageing Well Advisory Committee is a great step towards ensuring these members are healthy, empowered and active in the community.

Councillor Pat Murnane, Chair, Ageing Well Advisory Committee

Australia is an ageing society and Geelong is increasingly becoming a population destination for people to retire to in their later years, so attention to our built environment and the availability of an appropriate range of services for the needs of the aged into the future is essential.

Page last updated: Thursday, 12 December 2019