Geelong Seniors Festival - Event eligibility criteria

The City of Greater Geelong encourages a broad range of event types – provided the event is likely to be of interest to older people.

Grant funding criteria

To be eligible for funding, your organisation must be an incorporated not-for-profit community group or organisation (or those deemed by Council to hold a similar legal status).

Organisations that are not incorporated may apply for funding with support from an auspice.

Additionally, your proposed event must be:

  • intended for older people (although inter-generational events at strongly encouraged)
  • held in the City of Greater Geelong and predominantly attract residents of the municipality (tours must originate in the municipality)
  • held in the month of October 
  • open to the general public (for example: not a members only event).

What won't be funded

  • salaries and wages for groups developing an event
  • capital works projects or equipment purchases
  • venue entrance fees
  • operational funding, salaries or administration costs associated with the normal running of the organisation and its every day functions
  • anything used solely for fundraising purposes 
  • prize money
  • repeat performances of the event performance or program in the same year
  • only one group will be funded for each event
  • events held for the sole benefit of members of the applicant organisation.

Unfunded events

Organisations that are not eligible for, or do not require, funding are still welcome to host an event for the festival.

To be considered for inclusion in the program, events must be:

  • held in October 2019
  • free or reasonable cost
  • of interest to older people (inter-generational events are encouraged)
  • open to the general public (for example: not a members only event)
  • held in the City of Greater Geelong (tours should commence in the municipality)
  • scheduled specifically for the Festival.

What will not be included in the program:

  • events that are considered to be primarily for commercial gain

Special offers

Some organisations may wish to offer discounts on goods and services to seniors during the Festival period.

To be considered for inclusion in the program the special offer must be:

  • targeted at seniors
  • a genuine discount that provides significant saving or advantage to seniors (minimum of 25% discount)
  • exclusively developed for the Festival.

What will not be advertised:

  • offers considered to contradict current Council policies
  • meal/food and beverage discounts.

Page last updated: Friday, 10 May 2019