School Holiday Program - program activities

We will provide a program developmentally appropriate to the needs of the children attending the service.

We will provide for the development of each child's social, physical, emotional and intellectual potential, including language and skills and creativity. 

Program activities are planned based on discussions with children, families and educators. Children are actively involved in the program planning, implementation and evaluation process. 

The programs activities are balanced, providing a range of indoor/outdoor experiences, quiet/active times and settings, structured/unstructured activities, and opportunities to learn and practice life and social skills.

Excursions are organised as part of the program. Excursions give a variety in the program, especially during school holidays. Children benefit from experiences in the local and wider community. 

Programming is specifically based around the learning outcomes, practices and principles outlined in the National Quality Framework.

Page last updated: Monday, 30 March 2020