School Holiday Program - what to bring

Packing your child's bag for the school holiday program activities is easy!

You should pack your child's bag as you would any other school day with:

  • a healthy morning tea, lunch and any other snacks you feel they may need to maintain their energy levels for the day, including a fruit snack. High fat, high sugar foods such as chocolate bars and soft drinks are discouraged, we would prefer that these types of foods are not included in the lunch box. Please remember the days are longer than regular schools days and the children are often active the whole time, so please pack more food than usual. Our programs are nut free. 

  • a refillable water bottle

  • a sunsmart hat (legionnaire, bucket or broad brimmed hat)

  • a change of clothes    
  • covered toe shoes such as runners

  • sunsmart clothing - no thongs or singlets please.

Your child should wear comfortable, durable, sunsmart clothing.

Page last updated: Monday, 9 November 2020