Social Infrastructure Plan 2014-2031 review

We developed a Social Infrastructure Plan 2014-2031 (SIP) in 2014 to provide Council with a fifteen year blueprint for the planning, investment and delivery of social infrastructure to meet the needs of a growing and changing community.

We have 500 plus social infrastructure buildings worth over $250 million for the community to access. These buildings offer a range of services and activities.

With continuing population growth and the current state of some of our existing assets, we have a challenge in front of us about future needs and investment. We must make the best use of limited resources, find clever and creative options and have a way of making fair and informed decisions.

We can't do this without your input

We need to know what community places, spaces and services you use and what you need that you can’t easily access at the moment and why.  We would also like to know what is important to you in regards to making fair and informed decisions.

Take the survey, learn more and comment on the map about the places and spaces near you. 


What is Social Infrastructure?

The term Social Infrastructure is used to describe a range of community places, spaces and facilities such as community centres, meeting spaces, sports pavilions, libraries, kindergartens, senior citizen’s centres and maternal and child health centres.

All these infrastructure types create positive opportunities for community participation, and are extremely important to the health and well-being of local residents and visitors to our municipality.

In the interactive story map below you can scroll through the text, imagery and interactive maps to learn more about Social Infrastructure, it’s importance, the plan and how you can be involved;

SIP focus groups

As part of the review, we want to engage with the community on the planning principles underpinning the plan.

A range of focus groups were held during November 2017 providing opportunities for people to be involved.

The insights and outcomes from the Social Infrastructure Plan review consultations will be used to inform a progress report in March 2018.

What's in your neighbourhood?

You can use the map below to view what Social Infrastructure is currently available in your community and around Greater Geelong;

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Page last updated: Monday, 1 October 2018