Lorawan Sensor Network

The Smart City Office has deployed a community wide Internet of Things (IoT) Network. 

Spread across the municipality the Lorawan sensor network forms part of the world wide The Things Network which provides free access and connectivity for anyone wanting to understand and utilise the IoT (connecting everyday objects to the internet).

The sensor enabling technologies support the vision for a Clever and Creative Future. The City has installed a myriad of different sensors for data collection including:

  • street lighting control
  • environmental sensing
  • pedestrian/device counting
  • smart parking
  • smart waste bins
  • soil moisture
  • flood monitoring
  • air quality.


The Internet of Things can be described as a network of interconnected things/devices. These are embedded with sensors, software and network connectivity which enables them to collect and exchange data they acquire from their environment. 

Sensors we currently utilise

  • Soil moisture sensors to monitor the health of significant trees
  • Sensors which measure volume and temperature of waste in rubbish bins.

Information security

The network and devices do not capture personal information. They receive small amounts of data (such as if something is turned on or off, or if something is occupied or not) and environmental data such as air quality. They operate at a very low frequency, similar to that of radio waves.


Lorawan is the provider of Geelong’s IoT network. 

Challenge/opportunity Solution Key benefits
Efficient management of the sensor network   An easy to operate platform enables management of sensors in a single location Ability to collect valuable information regarding City function and performance to enable data-driven decision making 
Businesses, students, the technology or innovation community can participate in IoT Free, open access for everyone to the Lorawan network  New ideas, applications and solutions can be generated
Need to establish a secure IoT network, to capture data for improved decision making Secure, safe, easy to operate Lorawan network  Easy to manage and expand, low cost

Clever creative outcomes

Page last updated: Thursday, 11 June 2020