Splashdown provides health and fitness activities with a variety of group exercise classes, a fully equipped gym with a functional training zone and aquatic facilities with an indoor splash park perfect for use all year round!

Splashdown is part of the Swim Sport and Leisure network and offers group fitness classes which include high intensity, heart pumping activities for calorie burning and cardio benefits, and low impact classes for improved mind and body balance, flexibility and strength.

Group fitness classes are fun and beneficial for your mind and body. At Splashdown you can feel fit and look fantastic after your fat burning fitness classes in the gym or pool. Join in! Try functional training to improve strength and stamina or a high intensity class to get the heart pumping. What better way to exercise than with inspiring group fitness class designed to increase your levels of fitness, flexibility and strength.

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Address: 125-177 Coppards Road, Whittington 3219
Phone: 03 5248 4555