Making sure you have the right staff is crucial in any business.

Think about who you want to represent your business, the kind of culture and processes you intend to establish. Finding people that fit into your business culture will be essential to ensuring your business success.

Organisational development

Organisational development is an overarching term used to describe what was known as 'HR' or human resources. However organisational development refers to any activities such as:

  • workforce planning
  • employment onboarding and induction
  • training and e-learning
  • building a team
  • coaching and leading
  • career development.

You may consider utilising the services of a HR contractor to deliver the organisational aims of your business. Visit the local business register Localised to view a range of HR services instead of performing these tasks yourself.

Pay and legal obligations as an employer

When you decide to employ staff, you will need to consider a few things such as:

  • their new role
  • what they will be paid
  • how they will be paid
  • the paperwork that is involved with their onboarding.

Visit the Business Victoria website for the steps to be taken to ensure that you understand your obligations as an employer.

Workplace health and safety

Commonly known as OH&S, Occupational Health and Safety involves assessing the hazards and/or risks in your workplace that may affect your customers, staff or visitors. It is about ensuring a safe and healthy worksite for all people.

Visit the WorkSafe website to learn how you can make sure that your workplace meets workplace health and safety regulations.

A healthier, positive workplace starts with a plan. What your plan today, make improving workplace mental health and wellbeing a part of it by utilising WorkSafe's WorkWell Toolkit.

Creating a mentally healthy workplace from the Victorian Small Business Commission

Enterprise agreements and award wages

Making sure you adhere to legal workplace standards and conditions is your responsibility as an employer. You can enter into a contract with your employees through:

  • enterprise agreements which cover:
    • wages and pay rates
    • employment conditions
    • dispute resolution processes.
  • awards which cover:
    • minimum pay rates
    • annual, family and sick leave
    • hours of work and payments for overtime
    • allowances and deductions.

The Fair Work Commission website has more information.

Training and skills development

There are a range of ways you can ensure your staff have the right skills and training to perform their daily tasks and contribute to a positive workplace culture. Some of these include:

  • in house training with internal team leaders or by bringing in external training facilitators
  • formal courses through University, TAFE or a registered training organisation
  • apprenticeships or traineeships
  • mentoring
  • workshops, seminars and professional development.

Making sure your staff develop and improve their skills through training, will give your business the competitive advantage and help it grow.  You may also wish to visit our business grants page to see if there is a training grant available for your business.

Page last updated: Thursday, 22 October 2020