Structure plans

Structure plans provide directions on the future growth and development of a township.

Structure plans:

  • identify the key strategic planning issues facing a township, including community aspirations and needs
  • define the preferred future directions for a townships, including the location of settlement boundaries
  • identify appropriate planning controls which will protect and enhance the distinctive elements of a township, biodiversity and landscape features.

Structure plans provide information on:

  • policy context
  • natural and urban environment
  • demographics and social profile
  • township facilities and services
  • transport and physical infrastructure
  • commercial growth, residential lot supply and further development.

They also provide key principles and directions in relation to:

  • urban growth
  • infrastructure
  • housing
  • natural environment
  • rural land
  • economic development and employment.

Structure plans help Council to:

  • ensure adequate lot supply to cater for a growing population
  • protect significant environmental and landscape features
  • determine the future provision of infrastructure and services
  • determine the application of local planning policies, planning zones and overlays
  • guide Council’s consideration of proposed rezonings and applications for planning permits
  • provide certainty for residents and landowners regarding the future planning direction for a township for the next 10-15 years.

Your participation

You can be involved with the development and review of structure plans when they affect your township.

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Page last updated: Tuesday, 16 April 2019