Sustainability is the challenge of our time. It's about considering the social, economic and environmental aspects of everything we do.

Our Sustainability and Environmental Team works with other areas of the City to make our organisation and community more environmentally sustainable.

In 2020, we adopted a new Sustainability Framework that recognised climate change as a global emergency, and signed up to the Global Reporting Initiative - the highest level of global reporting standards - to help us reach our sustainability goals.

These goals include:

  • City-managed operations to be powered by renewables, and carbon neutral by 2025
  • Single-use plastics phased out of City-owned buildings by 2022
  • Add an additional 50 hectares of conservation reserves by 2030
  • Halve the volume of organic materials going to landfill by 2030
  • Tree canopy cover of 25% in urban Geelong by 2045

Our full list of goals and priorities are captured in our Environment Strategy, which is currently out for public consultation.  

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