Volunteer rights

Unlike paid staff, volunteers are not covered by awards or workplace agreements.

Volunteers do however have rights, some of which are documented in legislation and some that are considered to be the moral obligation of an organisation involving volunteers.

Volunteering Australia has therefore outlined the following basic rights of volunteers.

As a volunteer, you have the right:

  • To work in a healthy and safe environment;
  • To be interviewed and engaged in accordance with equal opportunity legislation;
  • To be adequately covered by insurance;
  • To be given accurate and truthful information about the organisation for which you are working;
  • To be reimbursed for out of pocket expenses;
  • To be given a copy of the organisation's volunteer guidelines/policies;
  • Not to fill a position previously held by a paid worker;
  • To have a job description and agreed working times;
  • To have access to a grievance procedure;
  • To be provided with orientation to the organisation;
  • To have your confidential and personal information dealt with in accordance with the principles of the Privacy Act 1988; and
  • To be provided with sufficient training to do your job.

Page last updated: Friday, 29 November 2019